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The Competitive Ethics of Sun Tzuís The Art of War
The Competitive Ethics of Sun Tzuís The Art of War by Gary Gagliardi, Author of ďSun Tzuís The Art of War Plus The Art of MarketingĒ. See for more information. Sun Tzuís The Art of War is broadly read within the business world as the basic primer for competitive strategy, which is easily adapted to marketing. In the original Chinese, the original work is an almost mathematical analysis of how competitive systems work. Though a basic translation puts its principles in military terms, its original formulas can be directly translated line by line from military terminology to business marketing terms. When we do this, some fascinating ethical insights emerge. The most common misconception among people who have not studied Sun Tzuís work is that is its basic competitive philosophy is Machiavellian, devoid of ethical considerations in advancing its principles of success in competitive arenas. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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